Maintaining Good Mental Health When Working From Home

2020 hasn’t gone as planned for most of us. Sweeping lockdowns and bizarre news headlines have characterised a world that is increasingly unpredictable. For many, work is just one area of life that has been transformed by the march of COVID-19; offices everywhere have transitioned to a work-from-home setup.

Unfortunately, remote working can be a double-edged sword. While there are endless positives to be found in working from home, the potential for stress to creep in is very real. Read on to learn my top tips for maintaining your zen when working from home.

Establish a Routine

Flexibility is one of the most obvious advantages of working from home. With no one watching over your shoulder, you can decide your own working hours. The thing is, routine is a cornerstone of good mental health. Without consistent, predictable working hours, the potential for stress increases significantly. Decide working hours that work for you and do your best to stick to them.

Start Your Day Right

No one’s there to see you, so why bother getting dressed properly – right? As tempting as it may be to skip getting ready for the day, your own self-image can suffer if you’re not practicing good self-care. Taking pride in yourself, even when no one is watching, is an important aspect of staying happy when working from home.

Find Ways to Stay Social

It’s easier said than done with COVID making everything complicated, but human beings are social animals. If working from home is reducing your contact with other human beings, it might be worth finding new ways to keep other people in your routine. If you have the time, arranging meetings or calls with friends and family can provide a fantastic boost to your mental health.

Remember to Rest

Don’t forget that you deserve a break. Regular resting periods can actually improve productivity. More importantly though, they’re vital for maintaining good mental health when working from home. Everyone’s different; find a regular interval that works for you to get some rest.

Perfect Your Personal Motivation Tactics

Actually getting the work done can be an uphill battle when it comes to working remotely. Depending on the type of person you are, working without supervision can mean a whole lot of procrastination. For this reason, finding ways to keep yourself motivated is important. Different techniques work for different people, so spend some time determining which approaches work best for you. Working effectively and achieving your goals will help prevent stress and demotivation from jeopardising your mental health.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one silver lining that can be gleaned from 2020, it’s that many people have started paying closer attention to their mental health. As the workplace continues to adapt to an increasingly bizarre world, doing your best to stay healthy has never been more important. Good luck and be kind to yourself!

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