9 Tips for New Casino Players

If you’re just starting out in the wonderful world of online gambling, it’s important to know what you’re doing. The tips below should help make sure you’re doing things properly. Start Slow and Build Up Gradually if You Want to I know it’s tempting to throw money as fast as you can, but it’s best … Read more

Mindfulness for Beginners 

I work predominantly online these days. My work as a freelance writer and gambling expert is rewarding, but the potential for stress and burnout is never far away. During 2020 especially, I’ve benefited immensely from my own mindfulness practice. I remember, several years ago, when I was first beginning to practice meditation that I had … Read more

My Best Android Apps in Late 2020

Like many people, I’ve been trapped inside for the majority of this year. One positive aspect of this experience has been the number of new apps I’ve been able to experiment with on my Android phone. Looking for the best Android apps in 2020? You’ve come to the right place. This post will run through … Read more

2021 – What Will Happen in the World of Gambling?

2020 has been a transformative year for the landscape of gambling everywhere. Land-based casinos have faced the harsh realities that come with government-enforced lockdowns. As more and more customers have turned to online casinos for fun, the market share for online gambling has exploded.   As lockdowns begin to ease in 2021, what should avid … Read more

The Best Online Slots for 2020/2021

2020 has been one of the biggest years for online gambling so far. More and more people cooped up inside during lockdowns have been turning to casinos to get their kicks. A fan-favourite for newbies and seasoned pros alike is the humble slot machine. Their accessibility and variety are such that even a gambling geek … Read more